Avalon Code Control Mechanics

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you Gamers who like to play rpg, adventure, and action game, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all about this game. Here we will share with you about Avalon Code s Control Mechanics.
Turning Code Pieces:

- You can turn a code piece by tapping on a mental map (code grid),
  then tap on the code piece in the 4 slot holder, then tap on the
  tiny arrow that appears above the tapped code piece. Now you can
  fit it where you want in the mental map big grid square.

Turning Multiple Pages:

- You can turn multiple pages at once in the Book of Prophecy by
  using the stylus to push and hold on the page numbers. One tap
  will just turn one page at a time.

Using the Hurricane Move:

- Once you learn the hurricane move from Gustav in chapter 1 then
  you can use it to spin and hit enemies in fast succession. If
  you equip your hammer, then you can spin and fly quickly across
  gaps. Press and hold whichever button you equipped your hammer on.
  Press B button to stop flying with your hammer (or quit any
  other weapons special spinning/hurricane move).

Code Scanning:

- Make sure to remember to code scan (press b button – slams book on object)
  everything as soon as you encounter it (people, monsters, flowers,
  sparkling items, etc) and scan each character and monster enough times to
  get all four pictures on each one!!! Don’t forget even after cutscenes
  and when monsters appear to fight you anywhere!

Getting All Four Pictures:

- To get all four pictures of characters and monsters:  slam book on all four
  sides of the character/monster, give characters gifts or do quests for them
  to raise their overall points (some pictures won’t trigger until page points
  are high enough), knock down monsters without killing them and slam the book
  on them before they pop back up. Make sure you keep code scanning each
  character/monster as soon as possible and continually as their points raise
  until you have all of their four pictures. Items like flowers or tablets
  only have one picture.

Searching Maps:

- After learning Judgment Link move in chapter 2, your character will now
  swing arms/weapons when pressing the A button and make sounds while you
  search maps. This is annoying and there is no way to prevent it from
  happening. You will still be able to explore the maps and find the hidden
  areas (text box pops up) but it will be much slower. You may want to kill
  all the enemies on the map and then search for the hidden spots. You can
  turn down the sound if your character’s constant sounds annoy you too much.
  If you are not able to find all the hidden spots on the map, try finding
  the first one or two spots and then leave the map and come right back into
  it again. This usually triggers the last spot or two. Some map’s hidden
  spots require a certain chapter to be finished before the spot is revealed
  when you explore it. Some require that you find them in order. The majority
  of hidden spots can be revealed without requirements but are hard to find.
  Just keep searching over and over from each direction until you find them.
  Any spot that requires a certain metalize to be found will not register as
  “found and conquered” until you have found that metalize at a separate
  location. Once you have found the metalize then you can come back to the
  hidden spot you found earlier and it will register as found and completed.
  If there is a tablet located in an area then it generally won't appear
  until you fully explore an area/map.

Mental Maps:

- Each person, character, and item has a mental map. It is a grid on the
  right-side page. This grid will expand as you progress the storyline
  and gain more Book of Prophecy points.

  - You start with a 3X3 mental map/code grid

  - To get the 1st upgrade/3x4 mental map:
    - Do Future Vision called Mystery Shadow in Lake (2nd)
    - See Future Vision section

  - To get the 2nd upgrade/4x4 mental map:
    - Get approx 1,026,255 Book of Prophecy points
    - Around Chapter 6
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