Avalon Code Sidequests, Affections, and Gifts

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you gamers who like to play rpg, adventure, and action games, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all about this game. Here we will share with you some info about Avalon Code s Sidequests, Affections, and Gifts.

Affection - To Do or Not To Do

- You will need to do all the sidequests/affection events if you want to
  complete the whole game. It is possible to complete the game without
  doing all the sidequests/affection events but you will miss a lot of
  depth to the story. In my opinion, it is better to let the affections
  go up and down and do all the sidequests/affection events. Then, you
  can re-raise the affection of the person you want in the end. For the
  5 eligible characters, you can give gifts. For the 2 eligible spirits,
  you can use a heal pot and use their spirit magic repeatedly (or
  repeatedly spam in the book – tap hint corner, Index tab, spirit tab
  – rinse and repeat).

Giving More Gifts Per Chapter:

- You can give the same gifts again each new chapter unless the character
  you want to give the gift to is unavailable. Gifts will be easier to give
  as you are able to scan more items as the game advances and also get more
  MP. If you make a new item then you can give it immediately even if you
  already showed/gave an item of that same type within the same chapter
  (Example: Make a Battle Sword, give it to someone that likes swords,
  then make a Gladius, give it, then make a Kaliela Sword, give it, and
  so on). This can be done with any gift from swords to food. Don’t forget
  that you can also give the characters their favorite flowers if you have

Calculating Loss of Affection Points:

- Loss of affection points can be calculated
  - Regular gifts reduce highest opposite gender affection by 20 points
  - Love scenes/Basic triggered reduce affection by 20-100 points
  - Love confessions and Love Scenes/Boyfriend reduce affection by
    sometimes up to 1000 points, but usually less than that

  - But as with most things in this game the points may vary

Changing Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend:

- Don’t worry if one of the opposite genders become your boyfriend/girlfriend
  (no marriage) if you wanted someone else to be. Just raise the affection
  (give gifts & do sidequests/affection events) for the one you wanted. The
  opposite gender (of the 5 eligible characters) that has the highest
  affection for you will be your boyfriend/girlfriend if you say yes when
  they show up for their boyfriend/girlfriend Love Scene/Boyfriend (extra
  Additional Love Scene has to be included or it is just a Love Scene/Basic.

- The opposite gender (of the 2 eligible spirits) can only be boyfriend/
  girlfriend with you after chapter 11.

- Affections will go up (or down) with each gift that you give to someone
  of your opposite gender (eligible 5 characters or 2 spirits) whether or
  not they are your current boyfriend/girlfriend.
  - See Is It Love? and the Working Section

Dating a Spirit Equals Extra Power:

- Dating (boyfriend/girlfriend) a spirit will allow that spirit to top off
  their page points an extra 1000 points (makes them more powerful than if
  you didn't date them). You can only date one hero/heroine or spirit at
  a time even if you are getting multiple confessions.
  - If you are confused about who your boyfriend or girlfriend is, then
    go get Love Advice from Vis and he will tell you
  - Basically, it is whoever you saw the last special Love Scene/Boyfriend
    with (has to have an Additional Love Scene/Answer his feelings, to be
    a Boyfriend Love Scene)
  - Don't worry if you are confused. After a while you will get the hang
    of it.
  - See Is it Love? section

Unshackling the Spirits:

- Spirits will gain even more power after you unshackle them which can be
  done after chapter 11 and post-game. Spirit points will not raise past
  3700 until after chapter 7. You need 3800 or above to unshackle a spirit.
  Remember that calling a spirit (or using spirit magic) uses up your MP.
  To replenish your MP you can just do judgment links on monsters. Time
  freezes during judgment links. You can also use heal pots to restore
  your MP. Each calling of a spirit will raise their affection 14 points
  until they like you and then it will only raise 4 points each time (or
  6 points total if using the Spirit Magic of the equipped spirit).
  - See also Spirit Magic Points
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