Avalon Code Miss-able Items

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you gamers who like to play rpg, adventure, and action games, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all about this game. Here we will share with you some of Avalon Code Miss-able Items.

Witch Olly Pictures & Throwing Star:

- Get all of Olly’s (witch/chapter 4) sidequest/affection done before the end
  of Mt. Elious or you will miss it (and code scan all her 4 pictures asap or
  they can be missed). Make sure to talk to her directly after you battle her
  so that she tells you about a special item in the desert. If you don’t talk
  to her then you will miss getting this item. After talking with her, you can
  then go through the desert to Central Desert 12. Beat the Golem and code
  scan the metalize tablet (Throwing Star) that appears after you win the
  fight. Make the Throwing Star and give it to her. She will acknowledge that
  you have made/found it and then "give" it to you.

  - Now give her more gifts

  - Accessories:

    - You should have enough codes to make/show/give her the following gifts:
      Hair Decoration, Ribbon, Forrest Flower Decoration, Cat Ears. Remember
      that these take the same base (Hair Decoration) to make all of them.

  - Projectiles:

    - You can also make/show/give her the following projectile gifts:
      Flying Dagger, Throwing Star, and Hidden Throwing Star. Remember that
     these take the same base (Flying Dagger) to make all of them.

  - Shadow Fang:

    - Now befriend Nanai and find all 3 hidden spots in Western Desert 5 to
      get the Shadow Fang metalize tablet to appear in Western Desert 5.
      Make Shadow Fang and show/give it to her. You can now take the Shadow
      Fang and go back to Nanai's house to the hidden spot (Nanai's House
      floor 2) to get the Invisible Shadow Fang metalize tablet recipe but
      you can't make it yet because you need a bigger mental map
      (code grid squares). Western Desert 5 is accessible in chapter 5.

  - Desert Flower:

    - You can also show her the Desert Flower but it will not be available
      until after Mt. Elious after you have had Kamuli identify every other
      flower in the game. :O - she will be gone before then ...

    - Repeat the Site of Cyril Dungeon (Witch of Desire/Witch Olly's 2nd
      boss battle) to see her again after she is gone.
      - You can also scan her for her last pictures this way if you forgot
        to get them

  - How to Make an Item:

    - To make the items use the base needed (Hair Decoration/Flying Dagger)
      and then use the correct tablet metalize recipe (tap Index, Tablets)
      for the item you want to make. Place the codes in the mental map or
      code square grid of the base item. You need to have the metalize
      tablet recipe listed in your Tablets section to have it work.

    - Example: Make Ribbon:
      - Tap Index, then Accessories, then Hair Decoration
      - Tap the lare grid square over on the right page to make a 4 slot
        code holder pop up. Use this to swap codes onto and off of the
        large grid square (mental map).
      - Gather needed codes from other places - characters, monsters,
        etc - and put them in the Hair Decoration large grid square
      - The codes you need for Ribbon are: LIGHT x4 and FATE x4
      - They don't have to each be a block of 4. You can use combinations
        to make 4 of each (like: 3 light and 1 light)

    - Borrow codes from other characters, monsters, weapons, key, etc to make
      items and show each to her before making the next one. Then you can put
      any codes back where they were before and re-make/re-equip any items
      you want to wear. You can repeat this each new chapter until
      she leaves or you get all 4 pictures and you are satified with her
      points (page value points/CP = code points).

  - Just show her each above item ONE TIME per chapter. You will lose gift
    points instead of gaining them if you show the same item more than once
    each chapter.

  - If you need more MP for gift-giving then just head back into the desert
    and bounce some monsters (judgment link) or break a heal pot

  - Make sure you have her 4 pictures by now because she will leave shortly
    (if you advance the storyline - seal) and you will not be able to complete
    her 4 pictures because she will not return

    - Edit: You can later warp to Site of Cyril 1 and repeat her 2nd Boss
      Battle. Before fighting her, you can scan her for her pictures.

  - You may also want to fight her in some one-on-one judgment link battles
    (talk to her/choose battle)
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