Avalon Code Judgment Link Battle and Judgment Link Move

Monday, February 1, 2016

- There are two kinds of “judgment links”

  - One is the Judgment Link Battle
  - The other is the Judgment Link move
  - People often confuse them in the beginning because they are similar
  - You will use the Judgment Link move in the Judgment Link Battle
    but you can also use it on its own to just bounce/kill monsters

- Judgment Link Battle:
  - A mini-game where 2-4 characters battle with each other using the
    Judgment Link move (press y(L) or x(R) to serve or hit the mul/ball)

- As you complete Judgment Link Cup Battle/Tournaments, make sure you
  occasionally go talk to Georg (Rhoan Town mayor/lives left of Frannelle
  Castle). He will occasionally give you extra gifts you’ve earned like
  the Foxtail Metalize Recipe you will need later for Guri Guri (cat).

- Everyone you play with in a judgment link battle (individual or group)
  will show up individually in your judgment battle score list. So, if
  you battled one-on-one then that individual would gain stats in the
  score list. If you battle a cup tournament then the other 3 people
  you battled with will gain individual scores in your score list. All
  scores keep being adding and re-calculated any time you play against
  them in either a one-on-one battle or a cup battle.

  - Challenge any individual: One-on-One Judgment Link Battles
    - Available after first arena cup tournament
    - Talk to any character to challenge them
  - Scores are kept in the Book of Prophecy
    - Tap on Index, then Mini-games, then Judgment Battle
  - You battle against one other character in a 2X2 square

  - And/Or, Challenge Arena Cups: Arena Cup Tournament Battles
    - Held in the Rhoan Arena
    - See a Future Vision related to cup tournaments
    - See Future Vision section for list of cup tournaments
    - Walk into the Rhoan Arena square to trigger event
    - You battle 3 other characters
      - 4 characters total (you are one) challenge each other in a 2X2
        square to see who can get 3 points first
    - Pay attention to highlighted Left (L) and Right (R) buttons on
      the screen and bounce the mul (ball) with the highlighted button
      when the ball is hit to you
    - Anytime a character fails to bounce the mul in time and with the
      correct y(L) or x(R) button, then a point is given to the last
      character who successfully bounced the mul (first one to earn
      3 points wins)
    - If you can charge up your weapon then the mul will turn into another
      object when it comes down to the next player
      - Hammer charged – meteor ball falls to earth
      - Sword charged - leaf floats to earth
      - Projectile charged - rain falls to earth
      - Bomb charged - big explosion and fire ball to earth
      - Shield or fists charged - zig zags to earth
      - You can still hit these but they are very hard to hit
    - Charging your weapon this way is risky because you have to have enough
      time to change it into an object without the mul being hit to you
      without you having enough time to respond to hit it in time
    - Your name also gets highlighted if the mul is coming to you next. It
      messes me up though to try to watch both the top of the screen for
      your highlighted name and also the bottom of the screen for the
      highlighted (L) or (R). There is that saying though: “Practice makes
    - Tournament Cup Challenges get more difficult with each new one

- Judgment Link Move:

  - Ability to bounce monsters up to the stratosphere to gain MP, HP,
    and mystic jewels

  - The Judgment Link move is more complicated to explain than the Judgment
    Link Battle but I will try to explain it clearly

  - Just remember, Judgment Link move = bouncing monsters

Judgment Link Move General Info:

  - The Judgment Link move is learned in the beginning of Chapter 2
  - Points are added to the value of the page of each monster depending on
    how high you have judgment linked that monster (as well as how many
    killed, pictures taken, code combinations put on, etc)
  - Time freezes when using Judgment Link so it can help you save time in
    dungeon rooms to get higher scores
  - Other monsters that are already coming after you will keep coming
    after you while you bounce a monster so start bouncing when you
    don't have any other monster's attention or just kill the on-coming
    monster and then bounce the other one and the rest will freeze
  - Judgment Link move does not work on characters – only monsters
  - Receive mystic jewels even if not bounced per red number count shown
  - Yellow or 10 mystic jewels if bounced continually under red number shown
  - Pink or 30 mystic jewels if bounced continuallly in-between ylw & prpl
  - Purple or 50 Mystic Jewels if bounce continually for 22-24+ bounces
  - Receive some MP (Mystic Points/swirl bar) if you bounce continually under
    or over red number shown
    - Amount received depends on how high you bounce the monster
      (higher bounce amount = more mystic jewels)
  - If you bounce a monster to a new height then points are added to that
    monster's page and its page value goes up
  - Higher gauge amounts also help you to unlock Future Vision/News Flash
    Rhoan Arena Tournament Cup matches
  - In my game a height of 1500+ unlocked all Judgment Link cup tournaments
    by the beginning of chapter 4 (but some later erased - see notes under
    the Book of Prophecy - Future Vision section)

 To Bounce a monster:

  - Press A button behind or to the side of any monster to start to bounce
    the monster up in the air
  - Press X or Y button (repeatedly, not alternately) to keep bouncing the
    monster higher into the air

 Total Red Number Count & Blue Bar (with white number count):
  - Number is half yellow/half red = I call it red

  - Once you start bouncing a monster then several gauges will appear on the
    bottom right side of your screen
  - There is a height gauge, a red number count display, and a blue bar gauge
    with a white number count

  - When you start bouncing the monster, the blue bar will be full
  - The blue bar will start to decrease and you will see a white number count
    begin to count up above the blue bar (this is not the red number count
    - this is just the white number count connected to the blue bar)
  - When the blue bar goes away and has been used up then this means the
    monster is now dead
  - You can still keep bouncing the monster but if you drop the monster now
    then the monster will explode on the ground and you will get MP (swirl
    bar) and one yellow mystic jewel (10 mystic jewels) but no HP (leaf bar)
  - If you drop the monster before the blue bar is gone then the monster
    will land on the ground still alive and begin attacking you again
  - You can avoid the attack by running away from the monster, or you can
    fight the monster, or you can run around the side or back of the monster
    and press A button to re-bounce the monster again
  - If you re-bounce the monster then it will take less to kill it because
    you have already bounced the monster but not killed it

  - If you keep bouncing the monster then the amount from the white number
    count will continue to keep counting up
  - On the far right by the counting up white number is a red number
  - When there is any amount left of the blue bar, you will see a double dash
    (-- Hit) instead of the red number count (located under height bar)
  - The red number count will never appear when there is any blue in the
    blue bar
  - The red number is the total points needed to "firework" burst a monster
    into the sky or stratosphere
  - This means you need to keep bouncing the monster until the white number
    matches the count of the red number to get the burst
  - Receive one HP (Hit Points/leaf bar) if you bounce continually for the
    entire count (red number shown) until there is a "fireworks" burst
    - Amount received equals one HP if bounce monster the total red number
      shown without dropping the monster early
    - You will also receive MP (swirl bar) and one colored mystic jewel
      (10-50 mystic jewels) if you bounce the monster until it "firework"
      bursts in the sky or stratosphere for the entire red number shown
    - If you drop the monster early after the blue bar is gone then you
      will not receive any HP but you still will receive MP and one yellow
      mystic jewel

 To Bounce a Monster Higher:

  - You can somewhat adjust how many bounces (toughness) the monster takes to
    kill by several ways
  - One way is to add more tough codes to the monster like lots of ores or
    other strong material codes. Another way is to unequip all weapons and use
    just your fists (or plana) ability
  - You can also put illness codes on your weapon you are using to bounce the
    monster which makes your weapon weaker
  - Another way is to equip the weapons that increase your judgment link
    limit (it will say so on the weapon metalize tablet recipe description)
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