Avalon Code Book of Prophecy

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book Status Check:

- See Working Section for more stat Checks

First Time you get your Book back:

Time: After beating Witch Olly (2nd Boss Battle)
      End of Chapter 6

- First, I want to document what pages are in the
  Book of Prophecy

Current Pages in the Book of Prophecy

 - This is not all things available in the game
 - This is just a current listing of what is possible
   for you to have at this time
 - You may have completed more but this is what is
   currently available in the book at this time
 - You will have to recover pages lost and gain
   new ones as you continue the storyline/game

 - Previous state in tact: all codes present, etc


- No Spirits!   - no tabs (cry, lol)
- Hint ? corner - does nothing
- Index tab     - Table of contents
- Player tab    - Player stats come up
                - Weapons & Accessories removed
                - All stats & info same and usable
- Data          - Save/Load game works
- Map corner    - does nothing

Main Pages:

- Index (Ur does not pop-up, so sad)
- Table of Contents - All categories present
- Characters        - Spirits missing, category 9 - not done yet
- Player page       - See above info
- Monster page      - All categories present
- Weapons page      - All categories present
- Accessories page  - All categories present
- Items page        - All present but category 5 - not done yet
- Flowers page      - All categories present
- Tablets           - All categories present
- Map page (Gasp)   - Only Granatum, Samiad, & Other (WR, RV, SJ)
                      - Missing 4 categories
- Mini Games page   - All categories present
- New World page    - 1-4 & 10 Questions - rest not done yet
- Other             - All categories present


- Fana, Sylphy, Nanai, Dorothea, Duran, Rex, Anwar (water marks),
  Gustav, Meenya, Helen, Kamui, Ramoioni, Francesca, Haochy,
  Georg, Vis, Xenonbart, Fro, Guri Guri, Rudrud, Gim, Olly, Ellie,
  Maid, Royal Soldier (silver knight), Imperial Soldier (dark knight),
  Imperial Knight, Desert Dweller

  - Anwar's page is watermarked on both sides with no mental map
    on the right-side page. Which also means his codes are gone.
    And, so is he ... ? (cry)


- Goblin, Hobgoblin, King Goblin, Harpy, Siren, Minotaurus, Knight Mare,
  Lizard Lord, Balbazun, Pog, Raptor, Dragon Pup, Dire Bat, Frog Man,
  Siege Drake, Man-Eater, Blob, Dusk Spider, Land Squid, Hell Hornet,
  Robber-Fly, Dark Hopper, Lord Locust, Wood Bone, Living Spike, Golem,
  Mul, Ghost Eye, Mummy, Mummy Lord, Zombie, Skeleton, Element Skull,
  Evil Spirit, Shadow Claw, Evil Eye, Moloch, Orobas, Nussie, Chimera,
  Amorphes, Torsol

Weapons: (These are the base names: Names change per recipe)

- Sword, Katana, Rapier, Broadsword, Hammer, Bomb, Barrel Bomb,
  Throwing Star, Bowgun, Gun, Spartan Guard

Accessories: (Names change depending on recipe made)

- Ant Feelers, Soldier Helmet, Ribbon, Magic Glasses, Onyx Armor,
  Master's Sash/Belt, Ice Wings

Items: (Names change depending on recipe made)

- Pancake, Gold Cookie, Dorothean Cake, Potion/Bottle, Antique Doll,
  Grass, Small Key, Big Key


- Blazera, Forest Drop, Ice Lily, Stormlit, Pagoda, Fury Plant,
  Silver Azel, Stone-Cutter, Iron Orchid, Hero Bloom, Dream Grass,
  Karma Flower, Stretchus, Hope Pod, Lingerlom, Purse Plant,
  Howl Grass, Cat Flower, Scaled Grass, Jaja Flower, Bug Tree

  - 20 flowers gave me Master's Sash from Kamui and I made it but
    haven't equipped it during testing

Tablets (metalize tablet recipes):

- Battle Sword, Gladius, Kaleila Sword, Black Saber, Rune Blade,
  Scimitar, Shotel, Bizen Osafune, Mantis Blade, Onikiri, Muramasa,
  Flamberge, Assassin Dagger, Lightning, Dainslef, Grand Hammer,
  Forest Hammer, Iron Beak, Spiked Mace, Napalm Bomb, Kaleila Bomb,
  Dynamite, Remote Barrel, Throwing Star, Arbalest, Ice Bolt,
  Dragoon, Knight Shield, Spartan Guard, Guardian, Fatal Battle Sword,
  Champion Sword Gladius, Common Kaleila Sword, Demonic Sword Black
  Saber, Magic Sword Rune Blade, Cresent Katana Scimitar, Curved
  Katana Shotel, Superior Katana Bizen Osafune, Judgment Katana Onikiri,
  Lightning-Fast Rapier Lightning, Giant's Grand Hammer, Split Axe Iron
  Beak, 100 King Mace Hecatonchires, Booming Bomb Napalm Bomb, Swollen
  Bomb Kaleila Bomb, Hidden Flying Dagger Throwing Star, Frozen Bowgun
  Ice Bolt, Soul-Piercing Gun Dragoon, Pointed-Hat, Hero's Hat, Ant
  Feelers, King's Crown, Soldier's Helmet, Fire Horns, Ribbon, Forest
  Flower Decoration, Cat Ears, Magic Glasses, Soldier Breastplate,
  Onyx Armor, Master's Sash, King's Belt, Dog Tail, Fish Fin,
  Custom Booster, Ice Wings, White Wings, Cure Bread, Pancake,
  Gold Cookie, Cream Cake, Dorothean, Potion, Elixir, Fruit Juice,
  Elf Tears, Stuffed Animal, Wooden Voodoo Doll, Antique Doll,
  Foxtail, Medicine Plant


- Eastern Big Tree, Lauca Meia's House, HT 1, HT 2, HT 3, HT 4, HT 5,
  Beast's Cemetery, HT 9, HT 10, WD 1-21, ED 1-3, ED 5-12, ED 18,
  RV 1-3, SJ 1-3,

  HT = Hunter's Trail
  WD = Western Desert
  ED = Eastern Desert
  RV = Ravine of Vulgazzo
  SJ = Shark's Jaw
  Note: I went all through Central Desert at the same time I went
        through Eastern Desert but no maps for Central Desert. So,
        looks like you can go through them but not get maps back
        until storyline progression triggers them.

Mini Games:

- All here & same as before
- Quiz Challenge: Level 1 & 2 Clear
- Judgment Battle: All stats present/All people still listed

New World:

- 1-4 & 10 Questions (codes intact and same as before)


- All the same and present
- Done: Future Vision ED 10 (Jewels) - just done
- Event Theater: Added 7-9 - cutscenes - just done
  (A select amount of brief cutscenes stored here)
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