Avalon Code Tips and Advice

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you Gamers who like to play rpg, adventure, and action game, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know about this game. Here we will share with you some Tips and Advise for Avalon Code.

Beginning Tips

MP, HP, & Eating:

- You will get the ability to gain MP and HP after you learn the judgment
  link in chapter 2. You will also be able to eat bread, cookies, and other
  edibles shortly after chapter 2. You will gain tools and skills as you
  progress through the storyline. Much later in the storyline you will gain
  the ability to warp to places (maps). When you first start out, you can
  use your cabin in Rhoan Town to rest and replenish your MP and HP.

Dungeon Gold Scores:

- Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get gold (gold score) on all dungeon
  rooms or access some dungeon rooms as you go through the game because you
  won’t have the required tools, HP amount, & MP amount to do them. Just pass
  the levels with the best scores you can and then come back to finish them
  when you get the proper tools, etc. You will be weak at first with little
  HP & MP. Just go through the game and you will get what you need and the
  game will become easier to understand (but the dungeons will continue to
  get harder, lol).

Giving Gifts:

- Whenever you can spare the MP to give gifts, do so. You can use the heal
  pot in Rhoan Town (end of dungeons in Training Hall Road) to refill your
  HP and MP in the beginning. Most people require about 2-3 gifts to start
  their sidequests/affection events. Every new chapter, give 2-3 more gifts
  to people to keep advancing their sidequests/affection events. Do all
  sidequest/affection events for both genders and all characters all
  through the game. (To give a gift: Talk to the person you wish to give
  a gift to, choose gift option in their menu which opens your book, tap
  on a category (weapon, item, flower, etc), tap on the picture of the
  thing you want to give. The gift will be given if you have enough MP.)

Don't Lose Codes:

- If you need more codes, then remember that you may have codes on your
  keys, items, and even in the New World Questions. You can always take
  a code from somewhere to temporarily unlock another code and then put
  the code back where it was.

Be Prepared For 1st Battle:

- Gustav will be your first boss battle. It will take place at the
  end of the Training Hall Dungeon. Some make it ok and others say
  he is really hard and they can't beat him.

- Make sure your weapons are the highest you can make them. Make
  sure you are full HP and MP. Avoid his Hurricane Spin and then
  hit him by alternating y and x buttons. Have weapons in each
  hands. If it is the same weapon in each hand then you will have
  added combination attack (like two of the same sword).

- Once you beat him with any score, then he will teach you his
  Hurricane Spin. Use the Hurricane Spin on him to get a gold score.

Triggering All Game Dialogs

Sidequests Trump General Dialogs:

- If you want to hear every line of dialog of each character then you may
  want to not give gifts or do sidequests/affection events of the characters
  until after chapter 11 or post-game. Do not wait for witch Olly’s
  sidequests/affection events though or you will miss them. Personally,
  I would suggest doing all character sidequests/affection events as soon
  as possible so you don’t miss any of them. You will miss general dialog
  on individuals who have a sidequest in progress until you complete that
  part of their sidequest but you can catch this dialog by re-playing the
  game later or by giving your gifts at certain times. The general dialog
  is done well but is minor to miss compared to the sidequests. It is up
  to your preference.

Hearing All Hero/Heroine Affection Dialogs:

- Since you can play as a girl or boy then there will be different
  affection cutscenes for each for the hero's and heroine's eligible
  boyfriends/girlfriends. So if you are bent on experiencing all dialog
  in the game then you will also have to play the game through as each
  gender (at least two gameplays). The rest of the game is the same
  for both girl or boy. But this game is variable per gameplay and
  will change based on your player's individual actions and choices.

- There is an affection cutscene related to the tournament (chapter 5)
  that will change based on who you chose for your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  - You can only experience the Tournament Fountain Scenes with one
    eligible per game, so you would also have to replay the game
    once per eligible if you want to trigger all those dialogs
  - See each eligible's Character pages for more details

- In chapter 5, depending on who does or does not have strong enough
  affections with the heroine/hero, then they may or may not be pulled
  into a tornado. This, of course, will have effects on dialogs  :0

Actions During the Tournament Days:

- In chapter 5, there is a tournament. Rex will steal the Book of
  Prophecy. You will get different dialog based on whether Rex is
  your boyfriend or not.

- You will also get different dialogs/scenes depending on whether or not
  you met your boyfriend/girlfriend at the fountain if/when you get their
  invitation letter.

Player Choices Affect Dialogs/History:

- If you are paying attention to the character page information, then you
  will notice that the history told of the character will change depending
  on what choices you make in the game. So even what happens to the people
  is dependent on what you do in the game and the time period of the story.

- You will get a variety of statements that make up the story of a person.
  You will have an original statement when you meet the person, and then
  various other statements tied to what choice you made for that person.
  You can change part of even the original story/history of a person.
  You literally decide the fate of characters in the story.
  - Ex: See Fana's character page, and many other character pages

Future Visions (News Flash)

Timing Future Visions:

- News Flashes (Future Visions) won’t go away if you don’t do them
  immediately. You may want to do them soon after because they may not
  be available during certain chapters. Some may have to wait until after
  chapter 11 if you wait too long (do before chapter 6 and/or after chapter
  11). Rhoan Town will be unavailable during chapter 2. It is better to do
  any arena cup challenge news flashes very shortly after they appear
  because they can disappear from your future vision list unless you have
  completed them. If they disappear from the list, then they will repeat
  but at a later time. If you lose one then try scanning a character or
  a monster to see if it will retrigger.

Order of Walkthroughs & Future Visions

- Remember that the order of any walkthroughs and future visions will vary
  because of the fluent nature of this game. The fact that there are many
  variations that change the timing and aspects of this game is one of the
  reasons why I like this game. So, the basic information will be the
  same but it may not always appear in the same order as someone else's
  game depending on what order you do things in your game.
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