Avalon Code System

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you gamers who like to play a RPG Game, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know about this RPG Game. Here we will share with you some informasion of Avalon Code, this is Avalon Code s System.

   Game Controls

Basic Controls:

- Y: left weapon or fist/hit/bounce monster
- X: right weapon or fist/hit/bounce monster
- B: slam book/quit spin or fly
- A: Interact/start Judgment Link/textbox pop-up & cancel

- L & R Shoulder: evasion move/roll
- D-pad: move character direction pushed

Advanced Controls:

- Start button:  Data Screen (Save/Load Game)
- Select button: Display MP bar & HP bar (while not moving)

- Hold Y and release: left weapon spin/Hurricane Attack
- Hold X and release: right weapon spin/Hurricane Attack

- Tap/push lightly: Character scoots a small step
- Hold down D-pad:  Character runs a large step

- Shield Guard:
  - You must push button that shield is equipped on
  - Your shield does not automatically guard you


- Book of Prophecy (open)

- Tap Index, Other, then:

 - Sound Options

   - BGM Volume Slider (5 squares)
     - Music Number Changer (0-38 different music choices)
     - Default is 0

   - SE Voice Slider (5 squares)
     - Sound Effect Number Changer (0-1203)
     - Default is 0

 - Display Options

   - Textbox Background Color
     - Black
     - Blue
     - Yellow/Gold
     - Purple
     - Red
     - Green
     - Burgundy/Rose
     - Gray
     - Default is black

   - MP/HP Display
     - On
     - Off
     - Default is off

Opening & Closing the Book of Prophecy:

- To Open the Book of Prophecy

  - Tap on the front cover or back cover of the book when it
    is closed

- To close the Book of Prophecy

  - Tap on the last page (Data Tab) of the book when it is open
    to see the back of the book
  - This also shows you the total point value of the book
    and the next book point value to reach
  - Tap on the bottom left page corner of the first page (Index)
  - This shows you the front of the book

   Menu Overview

- Book of Prophecy (open)

Menu Corners & Special Tabs:

- Displayed from left to right on top of screen when book is open
- Bookmark Tabs can be moved to bookmark any page

  - Question Mark (corner)
    - Tap to have current spirit tell you current general goal
    - This also slightly increases Spirit's page points

  - Index Tab
    - Tap to see Table of Contents of the Book of Prophecy

  - Fire Bookmark Tab
    - Tap to call fire spirit (Rempo)

  - Forest Bookmark Tab
    - Tap to call forest spirit (Mieli)

  - Ice Bookmark Tab
    - Tap to call ice spirit (Neaki)

  - Lightning Bookmark Tab
    - Tap to call lightning spirit (Ur)  :)

  - Player Tab
    - Tap to see the main character's info & stats

  - Data Tab
    - Tap to Save or Load your current game

  - Map (corner)
    - Tap to see your current location map

Page Numbers:

- Page numbers are displayed on bottom left and right pages
  - Tap on either side to flip page in each direction
  - Hold down on either side to flip multiple page
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