Avalon Code Dungeons and Spirit Magic

Monday, February 1, 2016

For you gamers who like to play rpg, adventure, and action games, you may have already know it and also some that still do not know all about this game. Here we will share with you some info about Avalon Code s Dungeons and Spirit Magic.

Dungeons the First Time Through:

- The first time through all chapters, the dungeons are set up to be passed
  with any score but not necessarily conquered with a gold score. They are
  also to be used to code scan new monsters and to teach you new skills and
  how to use your skills. 4000 points is the most you can get in any dungeon
  room even if you scored higher. If you want an extra challenge and want to
  try to get a gold score at the first run-through of the chapters then you
  can repeat any dungeon room by bringing up the map and tapping on it (while
  in the same map area you are displaying). You can usually achieve a gold
  score on all (or all but 1 or 2) for each dungeon but it will take several
  tries. This will net you more metalize tablets earlier on. Or, you just
  pass each dungeon with a passing score and come back later when you are
  stronger and have more items and MP. Your highest score will always be
  kept no matter how many times you re-do any dungeon room or boss.

Keeping Score & Extra Items:

- When you enter any dungeon or fighting area for the first time then a
  Point scoring menu will pop up showing you briefly what the goals, time,
  and points are for that particular room/map area. Most times you don’t
  have to accomplish every point goal listed to get a gold score but it is
  recommended and easier to help you get a gold score (unless you are able
  to annihilate the enemy quickly with a super high score). Not all dungeon
  rooms will reveal extra items when you achieve gold scores but keep your
  eye out for any items that appear in the dungeon room or extra side
  dungeon rooms that may open and be accessible with gold scores.

Using Spirit Magic:

- Use spirit magic (tap on screen, then tap on any spirit bookmark on top
  of page) to help you kill off nearby enemies, trigger torches, and to give
  you extra time. In many cases especially at the beginning, just a split
  second can be the difference between silver and gold scores. The more
  points your spirit that you are using has then the more power they can
  hit with. You can have one spirit equipped and use a different spirit by
  tapping on their bookmark tabs. If you use the same spirit you have
  equipped then that spirit will gain a small amount of extra points per
  use. Each spirit has a different type of spirit magic: Rempo/fire,
  Mieli/forest, Neaki/ice, Ur/lightning.

  - Rempo: Go! Ali up flame!
  - Mieli: Adjusting prisms!
  - Neaki: You'll come splash! Breathe in wind!
  - Ur:    Lightning! Super lightning!

  (... just a guess except for Ur, lol)

  - Each spirit gets new Spirit Magic dialog when unshackled
    --- recorded in Working Section, take this and other and
        move into each spirit's character pages

- Spirit Magic Points:

  - Get 2 extra points each time call spirit when they are equipped
  - Do not get extra points if call spirit when any other spirit
    is equipped
  - Get 14 points when use spirit magic (up to about 2,000 points)
  - Get 4 points when use spirit magic  (past about 2,000 points)
    - Get 2 extra points if use Spirit Magic of spirit equipped
  - Get 2 points when switch from one spirit to another spirit

  - The higher the spirit points then the more power the spirit uses
  - The higher the spirit points then the more MP the spirit uses
    - It seems to increment each additional 500 points
      - 3/4th MP bar & 2500 points equals 5 spirit uses per MP bar
      - 3/4th MP bar & 3000 points equals 4 spirit uses per MP bar
      - 3/4th MP bar & 3500 points equals 3 spirit uses per MP bar
  - The more power the spirit has then the faster the spell
    animations will be shown when the spirit magic is cast

  - You can raise spirit points to 3,700 before chapter 7
  - You can raise spirit points to 5,000 after chapter 7
  - You can raise spirit points to 6,000 if boyfriend/girlfriend spirit
    - The 5000-6000 range is hidden and will show as 5000/5000 on each
      spirit. It will be going up and down but you won't see it.
      - You will see 6000/5000 if spirit is your boyfriend/girlfriend
  - You can unshackle a spirit after 3,800 points AND chapter 11
  - You can unshackle all 4 spirits, their shackles won't return
  - To get a boyfriend/girlfriend confession, you need 3,800 points
    and all their requirements met before you unshackle them and
    you have to be in Chapter 11 or Post-game.
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