Avalon Code Characters

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Characters (Pages 3-4)

Global Character Extra Info:

  - Cutscenes, including love-related cutscenes are on each eligible's
    individual Character page

    - I highly suggest that you look at the Is It Love? section
      for boyfriend/girlfriend details so that you can understand
      how to trigger them and be less confused when they do trigger

  - All character Page points can go as high as 11600

  - I have done all character's sidequest, aspirations, points, all
    four pictures each, etc (just need to bring them over from my
    other file and document them here)
    - All characters are completely done!

  NOTE: Check the Working Section if you need a cutscene that is not
        here. It is probably in the Working Section and I am in the
        process of moving it into this section.

List of All Characters:


    - Rempo       (Elf Fire Spirit)
    - Mieli       (Elf Forest Spirit)
    - Neaki       (Elf Ice Spirit)
    - Ur          (Elf Lightning Spirit)


    - Girl: Tia   (OR chose name/Goldie)
    - Boy: Yumil  (OR chose name/Zytur)


    - Fana        (Girl/Rhoan)
    - Sylphy      (Elf/Rhoan)
    - Nanai       (Psychic/Samiad)
    - Dorothea    (Princess/Frannelle)
    - Lauca Meia  (Feral Child/Granatum)


    - Duran       (Young Man/Rhoan)
    - Rex         (Young Man/Rhoan)
    - Anwar       (Swordsman/Samiad)
    - Heath       (General/Waisen Empire)
    - Valdo       (Prince/Frannelle)


    - Gustav      (Martial Artist/Trainer)
    - Meenya      (Girl/little)
    - Helen       (Grandma)
    - Kamui       (Novelist/Poet)
    - Romaioni    (Siblings/Brother)
    - Francesca   (Siblings/Sister)
    - Haochy      (Inventor)
    - Georg       (Mayor/Elf)
    - Vis         (Grandpa)


    - Xenonbart   (King)
    - Fro         (Thief)
    - Guri Guri   (Cat)


    - Rudrud      (Guard-Guardian/Forest Dwarf/Father)
    - Gim         (Dwarf/small boy/Son)


    - Olly        (Witch/Evil/Sister)
    - Ellie       (Witch/Good/Sister)

Waisen Empire:

    - Werman      (Prime Minister/Evil)

Extra Characters (NPCs):

    - Maid             (Frannelle Castle/Kaleilan/Women)
    - Royal Soldier    (Frannelle Castle/Kaleilan/Human)
    - Imperial Soldier (Waisen Empire/Human or monster)
    - Imperial Knight  (Waisen Empire/Armored Monster)
    - Desert Dweller   (Samiad/Cursed Sand Dolls/Women)
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